"BIRDS"   –   Birds in Baroque Music

with Dorothee Mields, The Gentleman's Band & La Folia Barockorchester (SONY/dhm, Nov. 2015)

Gentleman's Flute


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Birds in baroque music are the theme of the new CD of Stefan Temmingh with soprano Dorothee Mields, his baroque ensemble „The Gentleman’s Band” and string players of La Folia Barockorchester. This recording is very close to the hearts of both soloists: Dorothee Mields loves birds and Stefan Temmingh’s home country South Africa is famous for its colourful bird species. In baroque music, birds were a very popular topic, too – and there is lots of repertoire from Handel’s Sweet Bird to Vivaldi’s Gardellino, but also from composers such as Couperin, Fedeli, Rameau, Keiser, Torri etc.
On the CD one can hear many different birds such as the nightingale, the goldfinch, the cuckoo, chickens, doves and several others – sometimes virtuosic and exuberant, sometimes witty and excited, but also intimate and touching. Of course, this project is about more than just reproducing bird sounds: Very often love and spring are the more or less obvious topics. Also, for centuries, people have associated specific emotions with certain birds and every species has its own symbolism, e.g. the nightingale stands for the beauty of love, and the cuckoo for betrayal.



"Bach & Hasse"   –   Opposites attract    (Accent, Apr. 2016)

with Benno Schachtner (countertenor), Wiebke Weidanz (harpsichord) & Domen Marinčič (viola da gamba)

Gentleman's Flute


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Hasse and J.S. Bach ‒ the works and stylistics of the two composers could not be more different:
religiousness and counterpoint encounter sensuous, erotic melodies. However, opposites attract.
Thus, it is not astonishing that they were friends, as C.P.E Bach wrote.



Inspired by Song   –   New CD with SONY/dhm, March 2014

with Dorothee Mields & The Gentleman's Band

Gentleman's Flute


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On his new CD Inspired by Songy, South African recorder player Stefan Temmingh is focusing on English songs. He has invited Dorothee Mields, one of the leading baroque sopranos, to join him and his ensemble. Early baroque tunes, for example Greensleeves, and works by famous composers such as Henry Purcell, John Dowland and Francesco Geminiani were the inspiration for the flamboyant instrumental versions recorded by Stefan Temmingh and his ensemble „The Gentleman’s Band“.

For the very first time, these virtuosic variation cycles for recorder and basso continuo are set in counterpoint with the original well known melodies. The CD also contains several world premiere recordings, e.g. of The King’s Health, a vocal version of La Follia from the 17th century.




CD May 2011  –   J. S. Bach: French & English Suites  
Transcribed for recorder, viola da gamba and lute

The Gentleman's Flute


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In Stefan Temminghs new interpretation for a trio of recorder, viola da gamba and lute, the lyrical melodies of J. S. Bach’s French and English harpsichord suites are a true discovery. In the baroque, harpsichord works were often transcribed for solo instruments and continuo accompaniment ‒ a tradition which Stefan Temmingh revived for his third CD recording. As a baroque specialist, he takes on the challenge of performing Bach’s music on the recorder despite the lack of a solo repertoire for the instrument. Experience a lyricism in Bach’s works which is seldom heard!




CD – THE GENTLEMAN'S FLUTE:  Handel arias in 18th century arrangements for recorder & basso continuo

Nominated for the International Classical Music Awards

The Gentleman's Flute

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300 years after Handel's arrival in London in 1710 Stefan Temmingh and his closest musical friends create a lively impression of the music culture in 18th century London. At the time, the recorder was the most popular instrument for the musical gentleman and on which he could play the latest Handel arias.




Debut CD "Corelli à la mode"

Internationally praised world premiere recordings


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Stefan's debut CD with world premieres of 18th century embellishments of Corelli's sonatas op. 5 at OehmsClassics received highest acclaim in the international music press.

Stefan and his harpsichordist Olga Watts have the audacity and mastery to present Corelli’s music in a richly ornamented, revolutionary version which would have left the greatest baroque virtuosi of 1750 speechless.


Stefan Temmingh is awarded the Scholarship for New Music 2008 of the City of Munich

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Extracts from the explanation of the jury:
"With great virtuosity, musical insight, persistence and talent Stefan Temmingh is equally committed to the repertoire of Early, as well as New Music. (..) To further broaden his competence in contemporary music he would like to commission and cooperate with renowned composers such as Bernhard Lang, Gordon Kampe und Nadir Vassena in order to premiere their works in a dedicated concert. In parallel he is planning an additional concert with contemporary classics for the recorder. The Scholarship of the City of Munich is awarded to Stefan Temmingh to support the realisation of these two demanding projects."


World premiere 'Stainless Safari' by Helga Pogatschar

Helga Pogatschar

The first performance of a commissioned work by German composer Helga Pogatschar was another of Stefan's highlights. Stefan was very honoured to premiere the complete version of 'Stainless Safari' in a concert together with renowned Henschel Quartett on 6th March 2008.

In 'Stainless Safari' the solo recorder is accompanied by playback. Pogatschar drives the bright and animal characteristics of the instrument to their extreme. Out of nine recorders two are always played simultaneously, accompanied by an artistic adaption of African natural sounds. The listener is seduced into a breath-taking and humorous journey – not only through Stefan's home country.

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Love cantatas with Ensemble Raccanto –

Concert program and CD

RaccantoSince 2006 Stefan has performed and intensively co-operated with Ensemble Raccanto consisting of Andreas Pehl (counter-tenor) and Robert Schröter (harpsichord).

In their concerts Raccanto focus on judiciously selected topics to tell and sing the related stories behind. Playful performances present baroque music with a humorous twist, revitalise ancient music and carry it to the audience in an inspiring manner.

The concert repertoire comprises baroque cantatas about love performed by counter-tenor, recorder and continuo. The works by Bononcini, Caldara, Händel, Hasse, Scarlatti, etc. underline the reputation of the recorder as “the instrument of love”.
Part of this repertoire (including three premiere recordings) by Haendel and Hasse was released on Raccanto's debut CD "il Sassone" in December 2007 with Stefan as guest.

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Opera project “Haensel und Gretel” –
Tollwood Festival Munich, Nov. – Dec. 2006

TollwoodThe opera project of the Tollwood-Winterfestival 2006 was “Haensel und Gretel” by Engelbert Humperdinck in a contemporary orchestration for folk instruments by Munich-based composer Helga Pogatschar. She uses 11 musicians and assigns a significant role to the recorder.

Opera lovers had the unique chance to experience a well-known classical piece of music in a fascinatingly new setting. For Stefan it was very exciting to play his instrument in a romantic opera amidst such an unconventional cast of instruments.


“Fynbos Calling” – Ancient African and European music connecting black and white

FynbosIn the frame of an intercultural project with ancient African and European music, Stefan Temmingh is actively engaged in the dialogue between the ethnic groups in South Africa since 2001. The joint CD “Fynbos Calling” recorded by the Dizu Kuduhorn Band, Cape Town, and the German-South-African baroque ensemble Refugium was presented to the European audiences during a celebrated tour in 2004.

The concerts not only compare Early Music from both cultural backgrounds: Performing new compositions and improvising in mixed combinations are essential elements to musically deepen the connection of black and white in a new South Africa.

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