CD-KritikenCD Reviews 2014/15  –  "Inspired by Song"
with Dorothee Mields & The Gentleman's Band

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"Full-toned virtuosity“


"Brilliant, spontaneous, playful“



"What an outstanding album!“

***** Star of the Month, FONO FORUM


CD-KritikenCD Reviews 2011

"J.S. Bach - French & English Suites"

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"An unheard lyricism, emotionality and tenderness (...)“
CD of the week, BAVARIAN RADIO, Munich


"Stefan Temmingh belongs to those extraordinary recorder players who (...) reveal the exciting aspects of the recorder.“



"First-rate musicianship throughout.“

***** Editor's Choice, EARLY MUSIC TODAY, UK


Projekt_1Leipziger Volkszeitung, 11.06.2012

Review Trio concert, Bachfest Leipzig

"Tender and colourful"

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Projekt_1Reviews: orchestral concert in Potsdam 18.12.2011

"Breathtaking recorder debut in Nikolai Hall"

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Projekt_1Reviews Bruchsal 9.12.2011

"True musicianship, finest art of phrasing and ornaments light as feathers."

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Projekt_1Main-Post, 23.11.2011

Review Bach-Trio, Wuerzburg

"Virtuosic playfulness"

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Projekt_1Portrait Ensemble Magazin, Nov. 2011

"My music has to be tasty."

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Projekt_1Interview Windkanal, Sept. 2011

"The recorder is everything to me."

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Projekt_1Trierischer Volksfreund, 23.8.2011

Review Mosel Music Festival

"Exaltation at its climax and deepest emotionality, combined with an overwhelming delight in the universal theatre called life."

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Projekt_1Kulturradio rbb, 25.7.2011

Review Vivaldi concertos, Liebenberg

"What a captivating sound"

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CD-KritikenCD reviews "The Gentleman's Flute" 2010/11

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"Temmingh presents the arias with a wonderful expressiveness (...) Enchanting!“   
* * * * *
    FONO FORUM     Star of the Month


"One can only marvel at the divine wind that Stefan Temmingh chases through the recorder. A fascinating programme!“ ♪♪♪♪♪   PIZZICATO


"(...) Temmingh uses a sure sense of line, judicious ornamentation and joyfully muscular and woody tone to ensure that every aria has character and inner life.“  


Projekt_1MADAME, April 2011


"Before I needed a lot of time to practice. Now I need more time to reflect."

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Projekt_1CLARINO, April 2011


"I immediately come into contact with the recorder."

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Video-Interview Radio Bayern 4 Klassik, June 2009

Video interview "The Interrogation "

Recorder player Stefan Temmingh and moderator Jan Holthaus meet in the Munich Residence Gardens for some serious questionning.

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Projekt_1Musikforum, März 2011


"Great solo in the classroom"

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Projekt_1neue musikzeitung (nmz), February 2011

"Live in the class room: Recorder virtuoso Stefan Temmingh in Munich"

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CD-KritikenCD reviews "Corelli à la mode" 2008/2009

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"His lively playing delights with its tremendous agility, and a clarity of articulation which would do honour to every violinist.“   * * * *          FONO FORUM


"Temmingh plays the recorder with the liberty and spontaneity of a jazz musician on a saxophone.“        KLASSIKINFO.DE


"Temmingh shows a control of his instrument and a feeling for the (..) music which will (..) soon carry him to the forefront in his field.“  * * * *        KLASSIK.COM


Projekt_1FONO FORUM, January 2010

Interview: The Music Scene in South Africa

"In South Africa there is always a special kind of energy in the streets (..) – which can be incredibly inspiring."

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Projekt_1Review - "Italianità"

Passauer Neue Presse, 6.7.2010

"Stefan Temmingh goes beyond all limits."

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Projekt_1Review - Trio "The Italian Bach"

"Cheering applause for world class ."

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Download  Münstersche Zeitung, 16.8.10



Projekt_1Review - "Christmas at Bach's "

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23.12.09

"The fast movements were vibrating with vitality, the slow ones were radiating a wonderfully floating calmness."

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Projekt_1Review - Christmas Concert,

Rheinische Post, 21.12.09

"South-Africa-born Stefan Temmingh is a star in his field, who (..) made the concert a jaunty sleigh ride from baroque to the present in a sold-out hall."

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Projekt_1Review - Corelli & Co., Hofer Anzeiger, 11.7.09

"An ace on his instrument."

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Projekt_1Review - Corelli concert

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 9 April 2009

"A gripping event: Stefan Temmingh's art of recorder playing  –  This musician really has something to say."

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Projekt_1Portrait - Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 9 Sept 08

"The sound of a recorder should be masculine."

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Projekt_1Review - Corelli concert
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 18 Sept 07

"What is even more inspiring than his impeccable technique is the highly intelligent phrasing, the vividiness and a feeling for the soul of the music which is rarely found with a recorder player."

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Projekt_1Review - late-night concert
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 20 Oct 08

"(..) with his recorder he creates absolutely convincing, striking interpretations."

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Portrait - Abendzeitung, 17 Oct 2008

"There is only one person in Munich to show us how to play recorder and this is Stefan Temmingh."

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Portrait - Abendzeitung, 13 Sept 07

"The master of recorders - Stefan Temmingh between baroque and contemporary music "

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Concert review - neue musikzeitung, Nov 07

"... Stefan Temmingh possessed the required wit and the necessary virtuosity to put on stage Pogatschar's bizarre miniature consisting of text, playback and live music. Inspired applause."

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Projekt_1Concert review
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 8 Mar 08

"The world premiere of "Stainless Safari" (...) A humourous, charming piece of music where virtuoso Stefan Temmingh communicates with noises of wild animals on several recorders of which two are played simultaneously."

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