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"VIVALDI"   –   The complete concerts for recorder & preludes by J.S. Bach

with Capricornus Consort Basel (Accent/ Oct. 2017)

Gentleman's Flute


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On his new Vivaldi CD South African recorder player and ECHO Klassik Award Winner Stefan Temmingh, accompanied by Capricornus Consort Basel, has dedicated himself to one of the great Italian masters. With stupendous virtuosity but above all with profound musicality he is presenting the complete recorder concertos by Antonio Vivaldi as they have not been heard before.
In 2018 the CD was awarded an International Classical Music Award, the Editor’s Choice of Gramophone Magazine as well as the French Diapason d’or as “the new reference for this repertoire” (Diapason).
For Stefan Temmingh, these compositions are more than just concerti: They are “miniature operas” which all follow an individual dramaturgy. In order to sharpen the senses for Vivaldi and as points of calm a prelude by J. S. Bach is preceding each concerto. Thus, this CD is differing from the many other recordings due to its musical substance and its colourfulness. – Once again Stefan Temmingh is breaking new ground and is setting standards.



"BIRDS"   –   Birds in Baroque Music

with Dorothee Mields, The Gentleman's Band & La Folia Barockorchester (SONY/dhm, Nov. 2015)

Gentleman's Flute


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Birds in baroque music are the theme of the new CD of Stefan Temmingh with soprano Dorothee Mields, his baroque ensemble „The Gentleman’s Band” and string players of La Folia Barockorchester. This recording is very close to the hearts of both soloists: Dorothee Mields loves birds and Stefan Temmingh’s home country South Africa is famous for its colourful bird species. In baroque music, birds were a very popular topic, too – and there is lots of repertoire from Handel’s Sweet Bird to Vivaldi’s Gardellino, but also from composers such as Couperin, Fedeli, Rameau, Keiser, Torri etc.
On the CD one can hear many different birds such as the nightingale, the goldfinch, the cuckoo, chickens, doves and several others – sometimes virtuosic and exuberant, sometimes witty and excited, but also intimate and touching. Of course, this project is about more than just reproducing bird sounds: Very often love and spring are the more or less obvious topics. Also, for centuries, people have associated specific emotions with certain birds and every species has its own symbolism, e.g. the nightingale stands for the beauty of love, and the cuckoo for betrayal.



"Bach & Hasse"   –   Opposites attract    (Accent, Apr. 2016)

with Benno Schachtner (countertenor), Wiebke Weidanz (harpsichord) & Domen Marinčič (viola da gamba)

Gentleman's Flute


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Hasse and J.S. Bach ‒ the works and stylistics of the two composers could not be more different:
religiousness and counterpoint encounter sensuous, erotic melodies. However, opposites attract.
Thus, it is not astonishing that they were friends, as C.P.E Bach wrote.



Stefan Temmingh & Ensemble

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Stefan Temmingh's programmes comprise his flamboyant concerts with his ensemble “The Gentleman’s Band”: Birds and Inspired by Song with Dorothee Mields (soprano), The Gentleman's Flute and Bach & Hasse with Benno Schachtner (countertenor).
Equally praised are his virtuosic duo and trio programmes with renowned partners such as Margret Koell (harp), Wiebke Weidanz (harpsichord), Domen Marincic (viola da gamba/cello) and Axel Wolf (lute) and his solo recitals, also for young audiences. Not to forget are his concerts as soloist with baroque, chamber and symphony orchestras covering the entire baroque but also contemporary repertoire.